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Since 1854

அரசினர் கலைக் கல்லூரி (தன்னாட்சி)

Government Arts College (Autonomous)

Re-accredited (II Cycle) with A Grade by NAAC
Affiliated to Bharathidasan University
Kumbakonam - 612 002, Tamil Nadu

Centre Code 004

Social Service League (SSL)

           In 1911, Narayan Malhar Joshi was established on organization called the social service league at Mumbai. It is the key to all the ills of society lay in lack of education and proper training which can uplift the masses. The major activity of the league has been field of education which was given the highest priority.

The SSL in our College

The Government College (Autonomous) known as The Cambridge of South India is one among the oldest Indian Educational Institutions since nineteenth century. Our College was established the SSL in 1976. This organization is participated in lot of social service activities and awareness programmes . Our college students are being enrolled in SSL which consists of both female and male volunteers more than 200 members. These volunteers have been involved in appreciable activities.

Key Motto of SSL

It is provide to training the volunteers for fighting against famines, epidemics, floods and other disaster.

Vision of the SSL

            We need to involve into institution of learning and community development to set an example for others to follow. For this reason we plan to designed and rebuild the campus space into one comprising of state of the art education facility. It will be an ecosystem where women and community at large will be trained and skilled. Through our unique collaboration approach to learning, even today we are helping women, students, teachers and families for enhancing their skills. At our non – profit organization, our team is dedicated to education first. Our goal is to provide every student the opportunity to reach his or her fullest potential.

Objectives of SSL

            The objectives of SSL are conducted of training programme for volunteers, who services were later utilized for relief among people suffering from famines, epidemics, floods and other disaster and also for welfare programme among the poor and destitute. Another objective of this movement was to collect and study social facts and discuss social problems with a view to forming public opinion on questions of social science service.

SSL Activities

  • Really Programme ( volunteers involved in cleanliness drives, peace, marches, etc.,)
  • Women’s day celebration
  • Free medical camp
  • Human chain
  • Blood donation camp
  • Eye camp
  • Rural camp and development programme
  • Street drama
  • Team building camp – Leadership
  • Annual exhibition
  • Awareness programme
  • Project care

Structure of SSL

It is a voluntary organization made up of student members concerned about socially relevant issues. There is no formal registration. Those who are interested student join in spontaneously. SSL is headed by Principal and organized by programme coordinator. This organization committee consisted by four students, General Secretary 1, Assistant General Secretary 2, and President 1. For their help and guidance of the execute committee. For all these posts application are invited and appointments are made based on interview.

Funds for the SSL activities

            The SSL funds are mainly collected through the admission of the students. In each student contributed to Rs. 10. The SSL activities are conducted from this collection of fund.

Dr.K.Durairasan, M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D
SSL Chairperson
Government Arts College (Autonomous)
Kumbakonam - 612 002.
Mr S Poyyamozhi, M.Sc., M.Phil., M.Ed.,
Assistant Professor & Head, Department of Statistics,
& Programme officer - SSL
Government Arts College (Autonomous)
Kumbakonam - 612 002.
Mobile: 94430 30989